Caretaking tips from an owners corporation caretaker

Property owners and managers have many time consuming responsibilities. They have a vested interest in ensuring that their property is properly cared for and maintained but often have limited time or experience to perform caretaking duties themselves. Consequently, owners and property managers often appoint a caretaker to oversee the caretaking and property maintenance roles on their behalf. Owners corporation caretakers are responsible for ensuring that the property is cared for and maintained in quality condition.

Owners corporation caretakers can perform many potential roles including cleaning, gardening, building maintenance tasks, property maintenance checking and monitoring the property and building for issues, performing  or organising repairs requested, and keeping the owner or manager informed.

Here are a few tips for building owners and managers to maintain the value of their property and to get the most from their caretaker.

Tips for safeguarding the value of your property

  • Regularly assess the quality of people maintaining your property
  • Carry out regular building inspections
  • Programmed maintenance of defects before they become costly repair
  • Use a trusted caretaking team to ensure the property always looks its best

Tips for Owners Corporation managers

  • Ask your caretaking team to carry out regular inspections to identify defects
  • Have your caretaker organise quotations to free up your time
  • Have the caretaker monitor defect rectification allowing you to focus on the day to day running of the Owners Corporation
  • Ask the caretaker to attend AGM’S to discuss and assist in the resolving of issues.

Tips for building owners

  • Use the services of a caretaking team that are always contactable and willing to resolve issues immediately
  • Don’t let your property slowly diminish in value by not questioning the quality of the caretaking
  • Only use people that are understanding of your needs and genuinely CARE
  • Regularly meet with the caretaker to discuss the needs of the owners and the property

Please contact us at Caretakers Property Services if you would like some advice on caretaking or property maintenance for your property. We believe that your caretaker should care for your property as if it is their own.